Words carry a weight to them that can tear a person down or lift him up. Words stick with people––they change who we are throughout our lives. When words are set to music, they might change us even more as humans. 

Matt Combe has been studying the affects music can have on the listener throughout his entire life. To him, music is a vehicle that carries words on its back. Through blues and folk he’s found ways to reveal truth to listeners through his meaningful lyrics and guitar. 
His music has an existentially thoughtful, intense, and bluesy quality. It has also been transported and influenced by his travels with missions trips and pure curiosity. 

His first untitled EP was released in 2011 and two years later his first full-length album Servant to Son was released. His latest release, titled Holding Back, is a three song EP that contains themes of truth and maturity. The musical style is easily comparable to John Mayer, while his lyrics are as intimate as David Bazan’s. 

While his music is Christian themed, it’s not only for Christians. Similar to Jon Foreman’s approach to music, Combe creates music for the sake of music. Whatever truth comes out of it is for the listenerto behold. 
Combe currently lives in Grants Pass, Oregon, but there’s no telling where his traveling spirit and music will take him next. Perhaps it won’t be just the music, but also the truth he follows from place to place, guitar in hand. 





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